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Electrical conduit safety caps

Electrical conduit safety caps (mushroom caps) used in conjunction with vertical rises of metal conduit to help maintain a safe workplace. Patent pending ProCap Safety Cap is an OSHA compliant safety device used a minimize potential impalement of falling workers from a height. Highly visible safety yellow cap made of premium grade polypropylene.

Procap fits on a piece of conduit stubbed out of concrete and can be tightened down with screws so that it cannot be pulled off without a screwdriver. Designed to prevent dust and moisture from entering the conduit, the cap creates a high visibility warning to prevent trip hazards and damaging of conduit.

Nominated for 2019 ECM's Product of the Year.

vista tower, chicago

Procap Electrical Conduit Safety Caps is proud to be part of one of the largest architectural projects in the city of Chicago, Vista Tower. 

Procap’s were used throughout construction to cover electrical conduit providing extra worker safety and miscellaneous debris protection for the conduit.


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  • visual warning

    ProCap provides a visual yellow contrast to help prevent trip hazards. Gray pipe, gray duct tape and gray concrete blend together which can cause severe trip injuries.

  • Waterproof

    ProCap protects conduit from moisture and foreign objects with its waterproof mushroom cap.

  • Save Money

    ProCap saves electrical contractors from expensive workmen's comp claims.

  • Sizes Available

    1/2", 3/4" & 1" EMT


procap installation

  1. Place a ProCap mushroom onto the end of a protruding metal conduit.

  2. Apply force onto the ProCap face until it is seated firmly on to the conduit.

  3. Use a Philips screwdriver to engage the two patented set screws on the shaft of the ProCap to the conduit.

  4. ProCap is now secured until you take it off.

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ProCap, Inc.
1001 Industrial Drive
Bensenville, IL 60106

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